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So, here’s what I want you to do next…

Like I said in the video above, this brand new e-book is my way of giving back to a Marketplace that has been responsible for giving me TRUE freedom and wealth, both financially and time bound by the age of just 25 years old.

My goal here is to give away ALL of my best “profit boosting” secrets, and as a result, generate a TON of testimonials for my business moving forward. It’s actually in my best interest to get this e-book in as many peoples hands as possible.

The only reason I’ve decided to charge anything for it is due to the fact that I know that when you pay even just a few dollars for information, you’re than 100X more likely to take action with the information presented. If you’re given free information, you’re MUCH more likely to discount the value of it.

For that reason, all I’m asking for is one simple payment of just $7 (no hidden fees, no forced continuity programs, no shenanigans whatsoever).

ACTUALLY, I expect to lose money paying on advertising when running paid traffic campaigns to this offer… but know that in the long run it’ll more than pay off with all of the testimonials and social proof that it’ll generate for my business.

Click the button below right now and secure your immediate access to the IM Profit Formula, a complete guide to the seven most powerful profit compounders (the exact profit compounders that created a multi million dollar business in a matter of just a few short months) I use in my own business for just one measly payment of only $7 USD.

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

There Is No Catch!

I know there are some websites out there that offer you something for free or for very little upfront, but then immediately stick you into 3 different programs each of which charge your credit card on a monthly basis.

This offer isn't one of them.

As mentioned above, there are ZERO hidden fees, there’s NO "continuity program" and unless you come back and buy something additional from us in the future, you won’t be charged a single dime.

Again, this e-book is my way of giving the average, ordinary person everything they need to succeed Online and in a very cost effective manner. It’s my way of saying “thank you” to everyone who makes up this awesome marketplace.

In return I just expect a quick testimonial when you’re making millions. 😉


Time Is Of The Essence...

Again, it’s in my best interest to get this e-book into as many peoples hands as humanly possible… having said that though, as a way to reward the fast action takers (the people who I know will produce the highest level of result with the information I give them)...

I’m ONLY going to make this $7 price tag available for 24 hours from when you see this page.

I know that the people who are willing to take action QUICKLY are the people who are most likely to take the information that I give them in the content of this report and produce awesome results with it.

In reality those are the people I want to work with, and those are the people who should be rewarded most…. So, after the timer on this page runs out, the price increases to $37 and you’ll NEVER see that $7 price tag again.

This ISN’T false scarcity, and please don’t wait to “test” whether or not the price actually will increase, because I guarantee you it will.

Having said that, what would a good offer be without a great guarantee? So…

Here’s my “Iron Clad Brass Balls Guarantee”…

If you read this ebook and apply all 7 profit compounders to your business I’ll GUARANTEE you that you get at-least 100X the value of the $7 investment, or I'll happily refund your $7, and let you keep your private copy of the IM Profit Formula!

That's right, if you don't feel like you receive at-least $700 worth of value, I'll refund your $7 and let you keep your copy of the IM Profit Formula, 100% free!

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Thanks for taking a few moments out of your day to read this letter, and I look forward to working with you soon.

Your friend and mentor,

Misha Wilson